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The Heart

The Heart-A Pulsing Muscle

Inspiration By Pat Hicks Today’s Inspiration is about the heart is not just a pulsing muscle. Is the pulsing muscle in your chest? No. it’s the very life centered in your being. That which beats
Pat Hicks Writing Blog

Welcome to Pat Hicks’ Writing Blog

A new year is right around the corner, and with that a new logo, a new book, a new blog, and in fact a whole new web site…a higher commitment to readers and fans! Pat wants to officially welcome every
Pat Hicks public speaker

Pat Hicks’ Pod Casts Coming Soon

Pat Hicks, celebrated author and founder of Musician’s Institute in Southern California, is a sought after speaker.  He speaks to crowds regularly, where audiences have been as large as 500+ att

Welcome to the official site of Pat Hicks

Pat is the celebrated author of Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising, and Conversation With A Pelican......
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Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising & Conversation With A Pelican.

Musicians Institute

Pat Hicks is a Founder of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

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