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Heart Centered Movement

You Gotta have Heart!!!

A message from Pat Hicks HEART “You gotta have Heart – miles and miles of Heart” Richard Adler 1921 -2012 In light of the madness that seems to pervade the world today, I feel the time is right for us
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WISDOM This unfolding of your potential is found in the center of your Heart – Wisdom and Heart. One without the other cannot function. These words are presented here by two of the world’s greatest mu
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GRACE In this crazy world – wars, politics, man’s inhumanity to man, it is blatantly clear that now is the time for Grace, the unconditional Love and Compassion of the Heart. Now is the time for relea

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Pat is the celebrated author of Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising, and Conversation With A Pelican......
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Pat Hicks is a Founder of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

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