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PEACE, BE STILL MALAKI “My Heart Will Go On” Titanic Doesn’t this scene make you wish you were there? Well that’s why I picked it, because you are only this far from your heart feeling that sense of p
Pat Hicks Author

The BIG Now

The BIG Now! HOWARD ROBERTS QUOTE “Licks… God help me if I play ‘em. I want only new music to come from these sweaty fingers…always new music. Something I have never played before, and it has to come

The Grace Affect Book

The Grace Affect Pat Hicks Founder of Musicians Institute of Hollywood-MI I am working on his 6th book. This one will be different from the others in that in addition to telling some of his own, this

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Pat is the celebrated author of Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising, and Conversation With A Pelican......
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Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising & Conversation With A Pelican.

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Pat Hicks is a Founder of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

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