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Musicians InstituteThe seeds of Musicians Institute were originally planted in 1977 as the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), which was the only school of its kind at the time to offer a practical, experience-based education in contemporary music. The innovative program was developed by Howard Roberts and Pat Hicks, who recruited some of the top player-educators in the U.S. and established a tradition that continues at Musicians Institute today: instructing students with a unique blend of creative, educational and professional talent.

With the addition of the Bass Institute of Technology (BIT) in 1978, the Percussion Institute of Technology (PIT) in 1980, and the Vocal Institute of Technology (VIT) in 1987, the school grew to serve an even greater variety of musicians. Musicians Institute began to be recognized as an innovator in the field of contemporary music education. Located in the epicenter of the entertainment industry—on Hollywood Boulevard, where it still stands today—MI continued to attract students from all over the world, creating an international community of musicians and creative professionals.

In the ‘90s, Musicians Institute further expanded its programs to match a rapidly changing music industry. The Keyboard Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded in 1991, followed by the Recording Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1993 as well as the Bachelor of Music Degree in 1994. In 2000, two innovative programs were unveiled: the Recording Artist Program (RAP), which offered a combination of artist development, digital recording and music business skills; and the Guitar Craft Academy (GCA), which taught the skills of building and maintaining electric guitars and basses. In 2002, the Music Business Program (MBP) was established to train both musicians and non-musicians in the career skills required for the business side of the industry.

To match the ever-changing music and entertainment landscape of the 21st Century, Musicians Institute has reorganized all its programs into a streamlined, integrated College of Contemporary Music. The School of Performance Studies includes programs for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard Technology and Vocals; while the School of Entertainment Industry Studies offers programs for Audio Engineering, Guitar Craft, Independent Artist and Music Business. With over three decades of experience, MI is constantly developing new educational and career development initiatives to serve a global music community.