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The Grace Affect

The Grace Affect™ Have you ever survived against all odds? Accident, attack, illness, you were told you wouldn’t make it or you just look back in amazement…but you lived to tell the tale. What saved y
Musicians Institute

Musicians Institute Graduates

To all my beloved kids. I am so sorry for my absence. I have been in the hospital since mid December until March 5. I had asked for your stories for “where are they now” for my new website and g
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Pat Hicks wants to share the good things being penned by people like you! If you have a short story to share, Pat will review it and as soon as it is proof read, and approved it will be posted here wi

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Pat is the celebrated author of Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising, and Conversation With A Pelican......
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Trading Fours, Cheating Death, Elena Rising & Conversation With A Pelican.

Musicians Institute

Pat Hicks is a Founder of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

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